Reforestation Afforestation Project Carbon On-Line Estimator
Welcome to the Reforestation/Afforestation Project Carbon On-Line Estimator (RAPCOE)
The Reforestation/Afforestation Project Carbon On-line Estimator allows you to estimate the net carbon offset produced by a reforestation or an afforestation project in the United States. For the purposes of this tool, reforestation and afforestion are the same activity, that of converting cropland and/or pasture to forest. The net offset is equivalent to the amount of carbon sequestered by the conversion to forest (gross carbon offset), less the amount of carbon estimated to have been sequestered had no project occurred (baseline), and less any CO2 released elsewhere as a result of this project occurring (leakage deduction).

With this tool, net offsets can be estimated for both (1) proposed reforestation/afforestation projects, for which gross offsets are not known and must be estimated from existing carbon stock accumulation tables (pre-project planning)-- and (2) projects already underway -- where the gross offsets have been measured or verified (post-project monitoring). Click the appropriate tab below to choose the net offset calculation you wish to execute.
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